Top 5 Colourful DIYs For Spring

Here, I will show you some super cute and colourful DIYs that are perfect for springing into spring!


5. DIY coloured salt sand

A beautiful and easy way to decorate any room.



-Food colouring

-Plastic bags

-A mason jar

-Multiple bowls (numbers vary depending on the amount of colours you want)

-Coloured ribbon


  1. Begin mixing your salt and food colouring together in a bowl. Make all the colours that you want.
  2. Pour all the colours into separate plastic bags.
  3. Place one corner of the plastic bag into the jar and cut a small hole. This will be your bottom colour.
  4. Repeat step four multiple times and use different colours until the jar is full with a little space at the top.
  5. Seal the jar with the lid and tie the ribbon with a bow.


4. Decorate your plain iPhone chargers with washi tape.

This DIY is perfect for identifying your charger while still making it unique and cool looking.


-Washi Tape

-iPhone Lighting Cable



  1. Take any colour or patterned washi tape and measure some out to fit around your charger.
  2. Wrap the tape around in any way you want.


That’s it!  Definitely one of the easiest projects on this list.

3. Marble nails


This DIY is very stylish and simple.


-Two or more new nail polish colours

-A white nail polish

-Top coat

-Room temperature water in a bowl




  1. Paint all your nails with the white nail polish.
  2. Fill the cup with room temperature  water.
  3. When your nails are finished drying, begin to make one drop of polish into the water.
  4. Take the other colour and make a drop in the centre of your previous drop. The colours should make rings and float on the surface. Continue to make a pattern and make multiple rings.
  5. With your toothpick, drag the colours together as seen in the picture. images-4.jpeg
  6. Now, place tape on the skin that surrounds your nail and dip only one of your nails in at a time. images-2.jpeg
  7. Keep your finger in the water and twirl the toothpick in the surrounding nail polish (the excess polish should end up on the toothpick). Remove your nail and the tape.
  8. Repeat the steps 4 through 7 then apply a top coat to each nail.

2. Water colour dipped flower pots

This is a cute and easy way to brighten up your plain flower pots.


Tie Dye dye

-Water in a bowl

-White ceramic flower pot


  1. Take any colour of dye and mix it with water.
  2. Dip your pot to the highest point that you want the dye to go.
  3. To create an ombré effect, dip another section below your highest point and continue lowering the amount of liquid on the pot.

For picture instructions, click HERE.

  1. Colourful Sharpie Canvas


    A very easy way to trick your friends into thinking you’re an artist.


    -Different colours of Sharpies

    -Blank White Canvas

    -Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle


    1. Take your canvas and begin to make markings on it with your Sharpies.Unknown-7.jpeg
    2. Once you have filled your canvas, start spraying your canvas with the rubbing alcohol.
    3. Wait for it to dry before hanging it or displaying it.

I hope you try out these colourful DIYs! More fun DIYs coming soon!!



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