Yummy Ways To Eat Ice Cream

Here are two delicious and fun ways to eat your favourite cold desert! If you want to see Country Living‘s post, click HERE.


The first method is a warm brownie bowl

The first step is to whip up your favourite brownie recipe

  1. Instead of putting your brownie batter in a pan, you’re going to want to put it in a cupcake pan.
  2. Pop that chocolate deliciousness into the oven for the select amount of time.
  3. When done, take the brownies out of the oven.
  4. As they are cooling, take another cupcake pan (same size) and line it up with the other pan. Press it into the brownies.


5. Fill the bowls with your favourite ice cream and toppings.

The next one is a cookie bowl

  1. Take your favourite cookie dough recipe. This will be your bowl. (homemade or store bought).
  2. Roll your dough into an equal amount of cookie dough balls*. (*Make sure that they can spread out to sit on the cupcake tray)
  3. Flip a cupcake tray upside down to put your cookie dough around the cupcake cups. Make sure that you do not cover the whole cup because the cookie will spread out when baked.

3. Place in oven for the time called in your cookie dough recipe.

4. Take your delicious cookie bowls out of the oven when done. Remove the cookie bowls from the tray.

5. After your cookie deliciousness is done cooling, fill with ice cream.


Thank you for reading this mouth-watering ice cream DIY. We hope you try it out!






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