Melted Crayon Art

This do it yourself crayon art is very easy to do and inexpensive!


Things you will need:

Blank white canvas- $2.00

Multicoloured crayons- $5.49

Hot glue gun- $5.06

Hair dryer- $9.84

*wax does stain so do it outside or on newspaper


Step 1: Peal the labels off of the selected crayons. Hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas in any order you want.

images-2.jpegUnknown-7 (1).jpg

Step 2: Lay down newspaper to prepare for the artsy mess!

Step 3: Turn hair dryer on hot and start melting the crayons. Note: for better effect, melt in one direction downwards to avoid mixing the colours together.


After you let the crayon wax on your masterpiece dry, it’s now time to sit back, relax and admire your work. But don’t forget about the mess you have to clean up!




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