Make-O Monday

Hey guys this week I will be teaching you guys how to create a cool mini DIY mason jar aquarium made out of stuff you might have at home!

This can be used for real fish that you would like to have as pets or if you aren’t allowed pets you can also use it as a decoration for your room.

For more info, click here:

Final Product:

Things you will need:

  • A mason jar (pack of 12) $7 – $13
  • Fish gravel or small pebbles (Gravel= $25) Pebbles= FREE
  • Live Fish $5 – $25
  • Fake Fish $1 – $3
  • Decor $5 – $15
  • Water Conditioner (IF YOU HAVE LIVE FISH) $9.99
  • Water- FREE

Now that you know all the supplies for this home craft, all you need to know is how to make it! And now I will show you how with a few easy steps!

  1. First, get out your mason jar and open it. Save the cover for something else if you have live fish
  2. Secondly, take your pack of gravel and pour some to the bottom of your mason jar. Or put your pebbles at the bottom of the jar
  3. Fix your decor into the sole of your mason jar so it doesn’t move
  4. Pour water into your mason jar so it is almost at the top of your jar. If you have a fake fish put it in now
  5. If you have live fish wait till after
  6. Now add a few drops of water conditioner into your water
  7. Finally add your live fish into your water


If you have live fish DO NOT put the cover back on, save it for another DIY project. Unless you would like to kill your fish. If your fish are fake, you can put the cover back on. If you have fake fish and you want to make it look nicer before you put the gravel in put glue all over the inside of you jar and add glitter. Empty the excess glitter and continue with the process.

Now that you are finished, admire your mini mason jar aquarium!

~ Angela





Crafty Friday!

Hey guys this is Angela! This week I will be posting something craft related. Today I will be teaching you guys step by step how to make monster and other types of corner bookmarks!



20 min- BEGINNER

15 min- EXPERT

What you will need:


  • Square shape Origami paper (ANY 2 COLORS YOU LIKE)
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • White scrap paper
  • A black marker

Step 1:

First, you will need 1 of the square origami paper. Then you will take the paper and turn it to any side to make it in the shape of a diamond. After that you will take the bottom corner and fold it up to the top corner to make a triangle.


Cootie Catchers Instructions - 1

Step 2:

Secondly, you will need to take the bottom right corner of the triangle and bring it to the top corner to fold. Do the same for each left and right corners. Then open the mini square back into a triangle and u will see that it has 1 square and 2 triangles to form the triangle.

Step 3:

Now from the top corner, unfold the top corner and fold it downwards to give it the same shape with a flap. As you have created 2 corner triangles on the sides of the square, take the right triangle as if you are going to bring it to the top corner but instead of doing that tuck it into the inside of the flap. Do the same for the left corner triangle. Now you have formed a pocket “The Head of The Monster”.

Step 4:

Now that you have the body created, turn the body to the way that the pocket would be facing downwards. Now, this is the part where decorating comes in. Take your scrap paper and cut out 2 mini circles of the same size. Use your black marker and draw two dots (mini circles) on the eyes you have created. Now glue the eyes on the pockets and cut out teeth for your monster. Take your second piece of origami paper and cut them a miniature square to be the mouth of your monster.

Step 5:

Finally, glue on the teeth to the inside of the pocket and glue the piece of origami paper to the inside bottom of the body and voila! Your all done! Have fun making more and more corner bookmarks.




Melted Crayon Art

This do it yourself crayon art is very easy to do and inexpensive!


Things you will need:

Blank white canvas- $2.00

Multicoloured crayons- $5.49

Hot glue gun- $5.06

Hair dryer- $9.84

*wax does stain so do it outside or on newspaper


Step 1: Peal the labels off of the selected crayons. Hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas in any order you want.

images-2.jpegUnknown-7 (1).jpg

Step 2: Lay down newspaper to prepare for the artsy mess!

Step 3: Turn hair dryer on hot and start melting the crayons. Note: for better effect, melt in one direction downwards to avoid mixing the colours together.


After you let the crayon wax on your masterpiece dry, it’s now time to sit back, relax and admire your work. But don’t forget about the mess you have to clean up!